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Are you able to maximize?




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“Able To Maximize” out now:

This is the little story for AbleToMaximize,
one night in my house after a really nice dinner with my friends Dilligas we went in studio to play some old dub music and enjoy the night.
Despite we wanted to chill they came out with a little midi file that was insanely stupid. From that midi I/we took the wrongest drums, distorted the shit out of it and add my twist.
Some internet help made the track just abnormal! I would like to thanks the old guy trying to explain to people how to play Pan Flute (first break) and the little girl trying to make that “E”, “E”…a “sort of E” …I love them!
This track ended up to be pretty wonky and mad in a good way…and despite everything is working really good in my sets and always put a smile in people listening to it (which is probably the best thing because as my grandmama used to say : Is impossible to see an ugly face if it’s smiling).

Are you able to maximize?

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